Accountant for a Day (EDAC)

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Are you a Dutch-speaking junior and have you always wanted to know what it is like to be an accountant? Or are you simply interested in knowing what the job might be like? The Accountant for a Day event on the 15th of May gives you the opportunity to discover what it is like to be, you may have guessed, an Accountant for a Day! During the day, you will be accompanied by corporate professionals from the biggest accountancy firms in the country. From serious business, such as working on a case, to opportunities to socialize, such as a lunch and a drink, this day has got it all. Don’t hesitate to apply, because limited spots are available!

When? May 15, 2017
Where? Aristo Amsterdam
Who? All Junior Students
Dresscode? Business casual
Schedule?  13:00-17:00

Application deadline: 10th of May 17:00