Speaker Series – Dick Schoof

Next up: Dick Schoof, coordinator of the Department for Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity.

During this Speaker Series event, matters of national security, terrorism and cybersecurity will be discussed with a focus on the upcoming elections: can the NCTV ensure the integrity of the Dutch elections or should we raise our guard for foreign hackers?

Dick Schoof (1957) is the coordinator of the Department for Counterterrorism and Cyber Security (NCTV). The NCTV fights terror and its main responsibilities are to protect the Dutch national security, ensure cyber security and lead the country in times of crisis. Schoof was appointed in his role in March 2013. At the time the Dutch threat level was increased from considerable to substantial, which is the second-highest threat level the NCTV recognizes.

All these critical topics will be abundantly discussed in this upcoming Speaker Series event. Also, if you have any pressing questions related to national security: this is your chance to ask! Don’t wait any longer and sign up now in the form below.


What:              Speaker Series with Dick Schoof

When:             March 13th 16:00-17:00

Where:            Agora 1, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Topics:           National security, terrorism and cybersecurity

If you have any trouble with your registration, please contact [email protected]