Dare to lead: Leadership training by the Hospitalitist

12 April 2022

  • When

    12 April 2022

  • Time

    15:15 - 18:00

  • Where

    Limon, Zuidas

  • Who

    All students


Aureus Academy x The Hospitalitist

We are proud to announce that we have arranged a very special training together with the Hospitalitist. You’ll learn from a manager’s perspective, how to create a perfect balance between keeping your coworkers/team productive, while creating a positive work-life atmosphere! An essential topic for running a good business or achieving your goals! 

The Hospitalitist is specialised in helping companies by supporting its workforce with their own specialised team that guarentees efficiency and refinements within the company or event that has to be organised! From organising big festivals, to improving a companies’ workplace atmosphere, the Hospitalitist will make it work! Therefore, we provide you this amazing training in which their experience from organising high quality drinks and knowledge will be combined! 

After the training, you can now firsthand experience their hospitality as they are organising a special “borrel” for us for FREE ‼️(and yes with ALCOHOL! 🤪) at one of their special locations! This can be a good opportunity for you to expand your social and business network!

When? 12th of April at 15:15 – 17:15

– “Borrel”🥂 from 17:15+ 

Location: Limon, Zuidas.

We hope to see you there! 

Aureus Academy💛

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