CSR Week 2023

8 May 2023 - 12 May 2023

  • When

    8 May 2023 - 12 May 2023

  • Where


  • Who

    VU students & friends

CSR Week is an event happening from May 8th, where we invite you to engage in various activities aimed at fostering community engagement and sustainable living. Join us at the VU campus from 12:00 to 15:00 each day, and navigate through our booths, workshops, panels, and swap markets.

As part of the Aureus CSR Week, students are invited to participate in a “take one, share one” event from May 8th to May 10th. The event is set up as a stand in the main hall of the main building, where students can drop by and participate.

The concept of the event is simple – students can take one item from the stand and leave an item in exchange. This promotes the idea of sharing and giving back, while also encouraging students to think about the importance of reducing waste and consumption.

This event provides an opportunity for students to engage in sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally friendly campus. By taking part in the “take one, share one” event, students can help to reduce waste and promote a culture of sustainability.

May 9th will feature Circles with a maximum of 15 attendees per room. Sign up in advance for either Safe/Inclusive Spaces or Discussion/Debate Spaces. Enjoy snacks and drinks while engaging in meaningful conversations.

One of the highlights of the Aureus CSR Week is the debate circle and sharing circle on May 9th. Students can sign up for either of these activities on the event website page. The debate circle is a platform for students to engage in healthy discussions about CSR-related topics. It provides an opportunity for students to express their views and engage with others in a meaningful way

Lastly, you can actively contribute to a CSR cause by running, logging your run, and sharing it with us throughout the whole week. Each 1 km equals 1 euro donated!

CSR Week promises a unique and rewarding experience for all who attend. Mark your calendars, and join us on this remarkable journey towards social responsibility and sustainability.

Keep checking this page for location updates and sign-up forms!

Do you want to give something back to society and the environment? Then tick the box and donate €1 for CSR purposes. At the end of each academic year we will plant some trees from the money.