Crazy 88

7 April 2021

  • When

    7 April 2021

  • Who

    Internal Events

What: Crazy 88
Where: in Amsterdam
When: 7th of April from 15:30 – 17:30
Committee members

Hey everyone,

On the 7th of April the Crazy 88 will take place! There will be 88 challenges throughout the whole city in groups from 15:30-17:30. The size of the groups depends on the circumstances. You can give up your preferences but we will make the groups for you so make sure to sign up! You will not only get to know Amsterdam but also your fellow Committee Members. The challenges and the tour will for sure bring you closer. You will get a survival package with nice surprises! There will of course be a very nice prize for the group who collected the most points.

Make sure you don’t miss this nice activity with your fellow Aureus committee members! We will send you updates and more information in the committee Whatsapp chat and details about the challenges will follow on the day itself.

Love internal 💛