Buddy Program

1 June 2021

  • When

    1 June 2021

  • Who


What: Buddy program
Where: Online/ offline
When: Own time
Who: bachelor students & master students of the SBE 

The pandemic is a lonely time for students as most lessons are online and there are a lot of restrictions. Because it is fun to meet people from your studies with whom you can study or spend some fun time, Aureus set up the Buddy Program for you to connect with your fellow students! After signing up using the form below, you will be put in a group according to your preferences and will then be ready to meet new people! Excited? Sign up with the form below.

Reminder: We update our Study Buddy Program every two weeks. As a result, you have to wait sometimes a few days before we assign you to your new group!

Important note: We are linking you to your felow Study Buddies by using Whatsapp. Please make sure you will download it on your phone if you don’t have it yet!