Aureus Academy Pitch Training by Frisse Blikken

15 March 2022

  • When

    15 March 2022

  • Time

    15:15 - 17:15

  • Where

    VU, HG7A36

  • Who

    All students

A lot of people have troubles with presenting. Because it is not uncommon, being a good
presenter can make you stand out. This training, the last training of the Profession Development trajectory, will train you to stay calm and present with

In this training they will cover:

  • How to use language to stand out
  • How to structure a good presentation
  • How to keep your presentation interesting

The training will take approximately 1.5 hours and is presented by Frisse Blikken. This company has a lot of expertise and experience in giving trainings about pitching. Afterwards there is a small drink and some snacks will be presented. The exact room will be announced later.

Pitch Training by Frisse Blikken

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