Aureus Academy • Job Interview training by Joust

25 February 2020

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    25 February 2020

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What: Job Interview training by Joust
When: Tuesday, 25th of February, start at 13:30
Where: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, HG-11A36
Who: Bachelor and Master students of SBE
Application deadline: 24th of February, 23:45
Price: Free!

Are you ready to successfully prepare the start of your career? Then sign up for the Aureus Academy! Attend trainings with employees from leading companies to help you develop the needed professional skills for your upcoming career in business. 

The third training in the career trajectory is the Interview training and will be given by Joust on February 25, 2020, at the Vrije Universiteit! Joust speciates in training young professionals to advise companies and they will teach you how to perfectly prepare yourself for those interviews, in a fun and interactive way! Do you want to find out how to grow your talent and be the best of all? Apply now for this training and develop your professional skills!

About Job Interviews
Experience shows that job interviews for big companies at a national and international level are harder to tackle than the interviews you have had for side jobs. Still, it is important to be prepared. Acquire tips and tricks on how to successfully go through the selection process and advise on how to be more interesting than your competitors!

About Joust

oust Young Professionals is located in Utrecht but has been active in various other Dutch university cities. ”We operate on the energy of young people and believe that we can give their careers a flying start with the right preparations and guidance.” Joust is a young organization with a healthy dose of humour, high level of energy and great growth ambitions.
Joust was founded as a result of the growing discrepancy between the demand and supply of Young Professionals. There is a structural mismatch, both in the physical findability of new candidates and in the expectations between young professionals and employers in terms of competence, behaviour, and knowledge. Joust provides Young Professionals with an intensive traineeship where professional guidance and hard and soft skills trainings form the basis.
Joust takes over the task of educating and guiding junior consultants with assignments at Joust’s clients within the areas of Data Analytics and Financial Management. Joust’s daily task is to guide and quickly develop young talent on both a University of Applied Sciences and University level within the field of Data Analytics, Finance and Business Administration. Joust helps where there is a deficiency of specific expertise and Young Professionals.

The application deadline is Monday, 24th of February at 23:59.
If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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