Aureus Academy • ETF Training

26 April 2022

  • When

    26 April 2022

  • Time

    15:15 - 17:15

  • Where

    VU (room to be announced)

  • Who

    All students

Part of “the Investment of the future” trajectory

Together with van Eck, a global investment management company, we have organised a training to teach you about the fundamental analysis of ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds) and what criteria companies find valuable to base their investment decisions on. ETFs represent an ideal type of asset to build a low-risk diversified portfolio to increase your ROI. Also, van Eck will touch upon the investment topic: Crypto, and its relation to ETFs 💰. 

If you want to learn how to invest your money today to be able to enjoy it later 📈, then make sure you attend this training❗️

About Van Eck:

Providing investors access to opportunities that will strengthen their portfolios is VanEck’s guiding principle. Through forward-looking, intelligently designed active and ETF solutions, we offer value-added exposures to emerging industries, asset classes and markets as well as differentiated approaches to traditional strategies.

ETF Training

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