ABM • Strategy – New Business Models

24 November 2017 - 24 November 2017

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    24 November 2017 - 24 November 2017

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Aureus Business Month 

Strategy: New Business Models
Event: 24th of November, 13:30 – 18:00

Deadline of application: 20th of November
Location: NEST Amstelveen

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Current economic ideas are no longer sustainable and new ways of organising business are emerging. Strategic thinkers are needed to create and implement these new business models. We want to provide the students, interested in Strategy & Organisation, Consulting, and Change Management, a day in which they are able to gain additional experience. Innopay and Ormit will give you insight into daily practice and challenge you with interesting business cases.

13:30 – Official opening

13:45 – Speaker Session by Niels van Deuren (HousingAnywhere.com)
14:15 – Company presentations by Innopay and Ormit
15:00 – Cases lead by Innopay and Ormit
17:00 – Network drink

You will also have the opportunity to be invited for a personal meeting with a recruiter of your choice. Upload your CV during the application to meet your future employer!

Niels van Deuren, Founder of HousingAnywhere.com
Niels van Deuren, born and raised in the Netherlands and attended the Rotterdam School of Management is the Founder and CEO of HousingAnywhere.com.

He thought of the concept of HousingAnywhere in 2008 shortly before leaving to Singapore as part of an exchange program for his university, as he was confronted with the struggle of losing his room whilst he was away and finding a short term accommodation abroad. 9 months passed, Niels came back from Singapore and put the project into action.

Now HousingAnywhere is omnipresent in the student housing industry with a platform operating in over 115 countries and 500 cities worldwide. Furthermore, over the time HousingAnywhere has developed trustworthy partnerships with some of the most famous and prestigious universities and student associations in the world, together they work towards finding a solution to the problem that every international student faces: finding a room abroad.

Innovation experts in Payments, Digital Identity and E-Business

At Innopay we believe digital technologies push us to innovate the way we create value and exchange it. Time and location are no limiting factors any more. We choose to help our customers in those areas we excel in: Payments, Digital Identity and E-Business.

With our in-depth knowledge, breakthrough thinking and power to realise we empower corporates, collectives, governments and their service providers to shape their strategy, co-create new services and transform the way they work.

During the Aureus Business Month’s Strategy Day: New Business Models, Innopay invites you to the ever-changing world of digital transactions. Business models that are the standard today can be irrelevant 3 years from now, as proven by the Ubers, Airbnbs and PayPals of this world. During Innopay’s real-world case, you will be asked to help a large payments company reinvent itself – to stay relevant to its customers and ahead of its increasingly digital competitors.

ORMIT will kickstart your career and has been doing so since 1994. We believe that true organizational change occurs when organisations invite talent. We love talent. We think talent is the fuel for organisations that want to grow and improve in this ever-changing world. Talent gives companies a future.  

You are talented. You successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way. A great future really is within your reach. But that only increases the pressure. Because how do you get your hands on it? (hint: we know).  

The truth is this: you may indeed be a talented hot-shot, but you’re no leader yet. You don’t even know for sure just where your greatest potential lies, let alone what you should definitely change and improve before you can actually turn your talent into leadership skills. That’s where we come in.

A unique personal development programme
We sometimes claim that we can catapult your career ten years into the future. Our secret? A unique traineeship recipe that is focused on developing your personal leadership. In short, we bombard you with four types of growth-fuel: 

We offer you challenging projects at top companies. We take great care in selecting the projects that will take you far out of your comfort zone. 

We put you in some of the greatest trainings, workshops and e-learnings. They are all aimed at developing leadership skills. 

A personal Talent Development Manager. She (or he) will be the most important person in your near future. Through coaching, feedback, reflection and a series of other learning techniques you gradually get to grasp your real potential. 

Co-learning with peers – It’s amazing what you can learn from your peers. Very confronting. But indispensable if you really want to grow. 

Ready to Kickstart your career? See you soon at ORMIT
Note: not all Traineeships are applicable for international candidates 

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