European Study Trip

Are you looking to broaden your international career options? Do you want to experience a different culture? Do you like traveling and visiting different aspects of a country such as the culture, the nightlife, and the business district? Then the European Study Trip is something for YOU!

During this week, you will not only visit all must-see’s & landmarks of an European city, but you’ll also get in touch with some of the biggest companies & multinationals stationed in a global city. This trip will give you a better look into the many opportunities you have as a business student outside the Netherlands, while you explore what career opportunities there are available internationally.

During the daytime, you’ll spend your time visiting multinational companies and experiencing the great cultural sights of the city. When the sun goes down, you’ll explore the amazing nightlife with your fellow students that will become (or already are) your best friends during your time at the university.

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