European Study Trip 2020 • Budapest

In this week’s blog we will tell you something about the upcoming European Study Trip 2020. EST will take place from the 28th of March until the 4th of April 2020. This year’s location will is Budapest, Hungary! You can apply until Sunday, the 19th of January. We will give you some information about this exciting trip and the benefits of participating in such an amazing opportunity. 

What is EST and why do you have to join? 

The European Study Trip is a week organized by a committee of Aureus, where 35 bachelor students visit a European capital. In this week you will visit several multinationals, enjoy all the beautiful sights the city has to offer and after a busy day, you can relax and enjoy the nightlife together with your fellow students. And this year’s location is Budapest! So, this week offers you a little bit of everything. You will visit around 4 companies where you will learn about certain topics from a business perspective. You will learn to link the theories from your studies to practice and get insights into multinational companies. And in addition to the company visits, there is also plenty of time for exploring the city and the nightlife of Budapest.


Budapest is a diverse city. The oh-so-beautiful Danube (Donau) divides the city into two parts. It is a historic city with many beautiful old buildings. The highlight is the Hungarian Parliament Building. There are possibilities to visit traces and monuments from the Second World War and Europe’s oldest metro line as well. Moreover, budapest offers a large business district with multinationals. The nightlife in Budapest is also very nice. You even have parties in thermal baths and ruin bars. These (temporary) bars can be found in old cinemas, apartments or in parking spaces that are vacant or will soon be demolished. Finally, the city does have great food spots and it is cheap to live here. In comparison with Amsterdam, the prices are much lower.

What’s in it for you?

Maybe you are already very excited to apply for this unforgettable week. But you might wonder: what will it bring me? First of all, you will learn a lot from this trip, since you learn to apply and recognize theory in practice through real-life cases when visiting the multinational companies.  The trip ensures you broaden your knowledge by exploring a new city and companies from abroad. Second of all, you will get to meet new students from different study directions and years. Due to the relatively small group, students tend to get close and meet each other after the trip as well. Last but not least, this trip also adds value to your CV. 

Some experiences from previous years

Dominique de Lange: “For me EST was an amazing experience. It was interesting to see different kinds of companies in another culture. The best part for me apart from all the awesome activities, was that we became really close as a group. We are still friends and share all the great memories with each other. For me it was most of all really nice to meet new people as a first year student. I would definitely recommend EST to all SBE bachelor students!”

Sten Nijdam: “Last year’s EST was amazing. I didn’t know a lot of people of my study and at first hesitated to go on the trip, but I made the decision to go anyway. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The trip was great and I met a lot of new and terrific people that I am still very good friends with and meet every day! I encourage everyone to go on EST to meet amazing new people and create memories that will stay with you for a long time.”

Do you want to apply? Apply here. The application deadline for this trip is the 19th of January, so don’t forget to sign up. This week will bring you lots of fun, more business experiences and you really don’t want to miss this. If you would like to see the recap of EST 2019, you can check out this blog to get an impression.