Doing Business in Colombia

- Aureus

The post-peace accord environment in Colombia is expected to generate a period of stability and economic prosperity that will create development of several key sectors.  The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently published a report with an overview of the best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects and business opportunities in Colombia for Dutch companies.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the key sectors in Colombia include the agriculture industry (agri-food, animal production and horticulture), the water sector (water technology), the logistics and transport industry (port management and river transportation), the life sciences and health sector (investment in hospital care and rural health development), the creative industries (architecture, design and fashion) and the sustainability (waste management and sustainable transport). The report provides you with a clear overview of potential business leads, local partners, specific projects and existing partnerships between Colombia and the Netherlands in these different key sectors. Finally, you will read valuable insights into the Do’s and Don’ts and into the business relations and into the business etiquette in use in Colombia.

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