Create the perfect CV

One of the most important aspects to your job portfolio is a professional and good-looking Curriculum Vitae. You want to make sure that you stand out with the content on your CV! Here are some tips to build your perfect CV.

Pick a nice design

Many companies get lots of other CV’s. So, in order to stand out it is important to pick a nice design. You can for example create one by yourself, but Word also offers nice themes for your own CV. Besides this, there are also several sites where you can easily make nice looking CV’s. Keep in mind that organisations want a professional looking CV, so do not use too many colours. It is all about you, not the layout. Make sure your CV is maximum two pages.


You can easily take a photo for your CV by yourself. Be creative! Your photograph must reflect your personality. With a photo it is of course important that you look good on it. But that’s not the only thing to keep in mind. For example find a white background and make sure your clothes are business oriented. Think of a nice, white blouse, for example. Do you already have a photo on your camera roll that seems suitable to you? Make sure that the photo does not have a busy background, that the photo is sharp enough, and make sure it is not a leisure photo or holiday photo. Remember that you are the lead in this photo!

Everything is something on your resume

Think back to what you have done before. From a debating match at your high school to a training course of your favorite sport. From your study association to a barista course. These are all things that are important for an employer to see that you are suitable for the job. What makes you different from other applicants? That is what you have to keep in mind while writing your CV. So put as many relevant things on your CV as possible. Nothing is wrong, unless it has nothing to do with work experience.


Add references to your work experience. This is an easy way for you to present yourself, without writing down some relevant work experience.

Social media

We cannot live without social media. Social media is also important for future employers. They use it to see what kind of person you are. So, make sure before sending your CV to an employer, that your social media accounts are in line with each other. This means that your LinkedIn profile matches that of your Facebook and Instagram. For example this does not mean that you cannot have posts of vacations or parties, but you must not act like a completely different person. Organisations have eyes everywhere when they want to.

Also, look into making active use of LinkedIn. Especially in these times, LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool to look up potential jobs, companies and recruiters. You should see your LinkedIn as your online CV so make sure this also stays up to date! You never know… you might get a message from a recruiter through LinkedIn one day.

And last but not least, bring some humor in it! Organisations love receiving professional and original CV’s. Be creative!