Commercial Officer • Rachael Nederveen

Main responsibilities •  Acquisition and relationship management of companies •  Sponsor- and partnerships •  Committee coordination: Amsterdam Career Days, Commercial Team,  Master Club Finance & Master Club International Management •  Responsible for the acquisition activities throughout the association

About Rachael During my time in the Speaker Series committee I learned how much Aureus has to offer. Apart from the wide variety of network opportunities, being part of Aureus is also a lot of fun and a place where friendships are created. I felt like a board year was the perfect way to end my days at the VU and to bring my acquired knowledge into practice.

Furthermore, during my exchange semester in Copenhagen, I have enlarged my interest in entrepreneurship and relationship management. Upon my return from my exchange period in Copenhagen, doing a board year was the right next step for me, as I was looking for a way to challenge myself. Moreover, I wanted to gain experience and create impact. A board year at Aureus gave me the chance to create strategic impact as you get a lot of responsibility.

As the Commercial Officer of the Aureus board my main task is the acquisition and relationship management between Aureus and companies. Visiting current partner companies, meeting with recruiters, and looking for new ways to collaborate, are examples of my activities. Besides selling our products and developing long-term relations, I am responsible for coordinating all of our members in acquisition and sales.

For the upcoming year, I aim at developing relationships with our partner companies, our association, and myself in the best way possible. Not to forget,  I am looking forward to creating great memories, experiences and friendships!

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