Colombia as Tech Hub

Colombia as Latin America’s tech hub

Not too long ago, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency published an alarming report about the shortage of personnel in the Dutch information technology sector. This shortage is starting to become a serious problem for IT-companies.

Digitization has caused a sharp rise in the demand for web developers, programmers and other specialists. However, the supply of qualified IT-personnel is not growing fast enough to keep up with this development and this turns out to be costly for tech businesses in the Netherlands. 42% of these companies indicate that they are being limited in their activities due to a deficiency of capable manpower. Therefore, a lot of employers are importing their IT-specialists from abroad.

One of the countries that has an abundance of qualified IT-personnel, is Colombia. The Colombian government has made substantial efforts to transform their country in the main tech hub of Latin America. In the last few years the IT-sector has become the fastest growing sector of the country. Higher education in Colombia has successfully become more and more focused at facilitating IT-related programs. This has resulted in around 15% of all the graduates having a computer science background.

Thus, the Colombian market is especially interesting for Dutch IT-companies not only because of the high growth rate of this sector, but also because of the presence of a qualified IT-labor force there. The Amsterdam Research Project could help your organization identify the opportunities that the Colombian IT-market has to offer.