Christmas present tips

HoHoHo, it’s Christmas time again! Christmas will be different this year. You probably won’t be able to spend it with all your friends and family together. Although you may not be able to spend Christmas with all your family due to Corona, we came up with some original ways for you to still make Christmas fun. 

Secret Santa 

Send your family a present anonymously! This way, you can use zoom or FaceTime to celebrate a little original Christmas. Besides that, it’s still cozy. For example, if you order online, you have your gift wrapped right away, and deliver it to the address of the person you want to give a present to. 

Shop local

It is perhaps not quite the best time to go shopping for fun. However, local businesses can really use your support. Therefore, go to the store and buy everything on your wish list there. Ordering online may be easy, but the Christmas atmosphere of your city is of course very cozy. 

For your family

Now that you don’t see each other very often in this day and age, everyone needs warmth and conviviality. If you are looking for a gift for the whole family, try to think of personal gifts. Especially in these times, you need to be there for each other a little extra! For example: a photo wall with family photos. Very easy to make with a piece of cardboard or thick paper. Print out photos and paste them on it. It is a bit of work, but of course also very nice and not that expensive. 

For Your friends

Of course, you can’t see your friends everyday anymore, at least not as much as you used to see them during parties or going out. Try to recreate that! For example, make a homemade game, grab a drink, and go play. Nice examples of games that you can easily make for each other are memory or the wheel of fortune! Think of questions you can answer together. For every wrong answer there will be a sanction, just think of what you can make of it (drinks for example).

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