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Exchange Stories | Jaap Dickmann – Copenhagen – Denmark

At first sight Copenhagen might not sound like the most exciting city to live and study given the fact that it is only an hour away by plane, and may not speak to your imagination as places like Sydney, Boston or Kuala Lumpur would. However, this city is one of the greatest cities I have […]

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Exchange Stories | Franscesca Verschoor – Argentina

Argentina is a country of extremes. They have the best steak and wine, but also the worst pizza you will ever have. They have the best and worst people you will ever meet, the best parties and the worst hangovers. Argentina knows endless Pampas, deserts, sea, coloured mountains, Iguazu Falls, and the most southern city […]

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Exchange Stories | Jeff Gomez – Mexico

Mexico would probably not pop-up in your head as the number one exchange destination. Yet, Guadalajara Mexico is where I have spent my semester abroad. Upon arrival I was not welcomed by in-desert-sleeping-poncho-wearing-Mexicans, in fact, a vibrant city and a modern university welcomed me. It were the prejudices I had, that caused these pleasant surprises. […]

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Exchange stories | Xander – Saint Cloud – USA

Let’s go Huskies, let’s go! This is what comes to my mind first when I think of the semester I spent abroad. It’s the number one cheering song you hear on campus when the sports teams (called the Huskies) play their games and it characterizes what for me was one of the most valuable experiences […]

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