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How to choose a new laptop

Due to COVID-19, almost everything is online. This means that having some form of a digital workstation has become highly critical, now more than ever. Having a device that suits you and can do everything you need is very important, but the options are endless. Read on for all the key points that you should […]

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What you must know about your first bachelor year!

After a fun introduction week, the academic year has now really started. Maybe you have done another study before, but maybe this is your very first time at a university. You will enter an exciting new phase in your life, and in this blog, we want to let you know what to expect in your […]

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Online proctoring

As we are currently in a period in which we are all very busy learning together and a lot of exams are taking place, we would like to pay some attention to the new way of taking exams: online proctoring, at home and in front of your computer! The switch to online After the outbreak […]

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Tips to stay motivated in quarantine!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed daily life for everyone. As a result of the pandemic, the VU is also closed like all other schools in the Netherlands. Since we are all advised to maintain the social distancing we have to stay home and create a schedule for studying at home. This can be […]

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How to write a good essay?

As a student, there were probably many times where you’ve had to hand in a paper or essay for university. Especially during these times, when we have to do a lot of self-studying at home. For some people this might be a challenging task to do, especially as we have to write this in a […]

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Writing your thesis • Tips & Tricks

Since most of us are stuck at home now, it’s the perfect opportunity to start writing on your thesis. Woohoo! Or… not. While some might enjoy the process, most will not look forward to it. We hope that these three tips and tricks will get you through. Get the ball rolling By now, you should […]

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