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Help! Where to Study?! • study spots at & around the university

Exams are over for about two weeks now and as you’ll surely have experienced, it can be pretty busy at the university during those weeks. As you might also have seen, at the UvA, students are queueing by the hundreds at 08:00 in the morning to get a study spot in the library of the […]

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Tips to Ace your Mathematics Retake!

It can happen to anybody, you failed your Business Mathematics exam. This might give you some chills since this course is the only one you’re required to pass in order to go to the next year of your study. Partied too hard during ADE, failed the course, and now need tips on how to survive […]

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Meet the Campus • Professor Emile Lancee

Emile Lancee: a professor who does not go unnoticed around the VU, especially if you’ve ever had him as your teacher. For 13 years, Lancee has been working at our university and is specialized in the Digital Marketing Strategy field.  He teaches Marketing classes to Bachelor, Master and PTm Master Marketing students. Also, he often […]

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How to prevent the Cycle of Resits

The first exams of the year are coming up and even though you’ve all got a full week of undisturbed studying (and ADE) ahead of you, this free week usually goes by the name of Resit Week. In this week you always get a second shot at the exams you didn’t pass from the period […]

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Amsterdam Research Project in action! An update from Myanmar and Indonesia

Soon the applications for the Amsterdam Research Project (ARP) will open again and a new group of students will be selected to conduct market research in a far-away emerging economy. We have already shared some experiences on what the first months of acquisition and desk-research in The Netherlands are like, but what can you expect […]

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How to focus and improve productivity?

Every student is familiar with the problem of lack of concentration and stress during the exam period. Staring at your laptop, checking your phone every second and when the stress is real, studying until the middle of the night. We have searched for some help to deal with these struggles. We had the opportunity to […]

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