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Get your motivation back on track!

The holidays have flown by and we wish you all a Happy New Year! To make a fresh start to 2020, we would like to give you some tips on how to get your motivation back on track until the end of the year. The next summer break may seem far away, but we are […]

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Exchange application step by step

Exchange is the perfect opportunity to go abroad and discover a different culture and language. During your minor, the first semester in your third year, it is possible to study abroad in cities all over the world. This may seem a bit far away, but you need to register this month to be able to […]

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How to overcome procrastination?

Ever found yourself at 2 AM struggling to complete an assignment that is due the next morning, after having wasted your whole day? You might be a procrastinator: a person who habitually puts off doing things – like work or studying. Procrastinating has some short-term psychological benefits, but can be dangerous in the long run. […]

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5 tips to nail your exams!

Exams are tough, let’s be honest. You spend hours, days, maybe even weeks, revising everything you need to know to nail your upcoming exams. There is just one obstacle between you and passing the course: the exam itself! Fortunately, there are various skills that you can develop that will make a difference between success and […]

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Study faster • Learn how to read up to 3 times as fast

It is safe to say that the majority of students probably dislike the massive amount of reading they have to do for most courses. It takes a lot of time reading through all the pages and articles, and often only a small part of the information can be used. Well, what if I told you […]

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The man behind Business Mathematics

Meet Bernd Heidergott, the lecturer of the first and most important subject of the year, Business Mathematics. You probably already met him, and might not be the biggest fan of Business Mathematics. Besides being a Mathematics teacher, Mr. Heidergott is an academic and has a lot more to teach. Read his interview to learn about […]

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