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The Man behind Accounting • Juan Mendoza Rodriguez

Meet Juan Mendoza Rodriguez, assistant professor of the accounting department at the VU. Many of you probably know him already, he is the lecturer and tutorial teacher of Accounting for first-year students. Accounting is quite a challenging subject for most of the students and many of you are not done with it yet. This interview […]

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Take a break in and around the VU!

It’s no surprise that everyone knows breaks (in moderation) help foster effective studying. Lucky for us here at the VU, we have lots of options in and around campus for a fun, productive break. Studies show that taking a break positive effect your attention level, something we all could use some help with when hitting […]

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Tips to boost your productivity and concentration

We all went through that day in which the laziness and tiredness prevent us from studying. Your mind just keeps wandering off and every object becomes a strong distraction (yes, even a wall).  Don’t worry! The blog team got you. We will provide you with some tips that are going to help you study, and […]

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Help! How do I choose my exchange destination?

The deadline for exchange applications is getting closer and closer. Maybe you are still doubting whether to go or not, or maybe you just cannot decide where you want to go. In this blog, we will elaborate on an exchange, the possibilities and some previous experiences of students.  Hopefully help you a little further in […]

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Meet the Campus • the new SBE Dean: Arjen van Witteloostuijn

As of early this year, the School of Business and Economics has a new dean: Arjen van Witteloostuijn. Get to meet him in the next blog of our Meet the Campus series and read on to see what vision he has for the Vrije Universiteit! Also, he gives some very useful tips about the political […]

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The Master Pitches • What Master to Do?!

For some of you, choosing a Master programme may seem very far away. But mind my words, time flies! You can never orientate yourself too soon. Have you missed the Masterday in March, or are you just curious what the VU has to offer? Read on, as we are pitching the SBE Master degree programmes […]

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