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Student life

Dance all summer long!

Hello young people! The academic year is almost finished and while some of you are busy with resits and trying to catch up on studying, others are beginning to plan their summer holiday. If you don’t have the chance to travel, no worries! This blog provides you with all the best music festivals you can […]

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From Committee Member at Aureus to Founder of La Rêve

It is hard to imagine what to do after your studies so it is nice to see what former committee members have done. Learning about possible paths that others have taken can open your eyes roads you would not have considered. Being in a committee can help you see how many options you have and […]

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How to be sustainable at the VU?

The Green Office is the sustainability platform at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam that aims to make a sustainable impact for the VU community. It consists of 5 coordinators and many volunteers. The Green Office constantly organizes events and communicates with higher instances to make the University more sustainable. It educates students and teachers regarding environmental […]

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Meet the City • Amsterdam Noord

With the temperatures rising we dare you to discover new things and explore your surrounding. Get out of your comfort zone and find the treasures of Amsterdam Noord. Noord used to be the industrial part of the city and has developed into an artistic, young and creative hub. In Noord, you will find a very green […]

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Meet the City • Vintage Stores

Fast fashion is the new thing: brands react to catwalk fashion and are able to offer what is trendy quickly and for relatively low prices. However, this is not great for the environment. As a solution to this problem, we have found some great vintage stores (besides the Episode and Zipper), that offer great vintage […]

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How to save money like a pro!

Growing up and handling your finances is a step everyone has to take at some point in their life. For some, it might be easier because they are used to handling their own money from early on, but not everyone has that experience. It is necessary for every young adult to learn how to save […]

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