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Student life

Our festival tips for Kingsday 2018!

This week will be the week that a lot of us have been looking forward to. Friday the 27th of April it’s that time of the year again where you are allowed to skip school and celebrate the birthday of our king: Kingsday! Of course, you can take a nice walk through Amsterdam or another […]

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SBE Exchange Stories • part 3

SBE Exchange Stories, the last ride! We asked two students yet again to answer our exchange questions. Read on to find out more about what it’s like to study in a big and busy metropole like Bangkok or Singapore. Let’s go to Asia! To kick off our last exchange blog of this series we talked to Tijn […]

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Meet the Students • the Founders of clothing brand Canardy

Two months ago, VU students, Joost and Rolf, together with their friend Luca started the sustainable clothing brand. Canardy: the clothes with the bright, yellow, rubber duck. Within a few weeks, they sold out most of their inventory and it’s gotten impossible to go to the lectures without a duck staring at you from someone’s […]

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SBE Exchange Stories • part 2

SBE Exchange stories, but then part 2! Can’t wait for exchange? Or curious what your options are for your third year? We decided to move to the more Western part of the world and we reached out to students who went to Valencia, Spain and Montreal, Canada. Read the next adventures and stories of our […]

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Meet the Campus • The VU Repro

There is a place at the VU, some of you might have never heard of. It is a place where people go underground to get their documents printed. We are talking about the Repro. The people who work there, can give you advice about what’s best for your document or just print your documents quickly. […]

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SBE Exchange Stories • part 1

For a lot of students, the Christmas holidays were not only about going out and having fun. A lot of you now know where they are going on exchange, so first of all congratulations! Because this is all very recent, we decided to ask a couple of questions to students who just came back from their […]

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