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Student life

Fun places to go in the Netherlands

The exams are almost over and the summer holidays can nearly start! Of course, we hope that the exams went well and that you finished them with a good result. Because you will probably have more free time in the near future, you will also be able to go out and explore the surroundings. In […]

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Aureus cook-off winners

We hereby announce the winners of the big Aureus cook-off competition. We received some nice recipes but only three of them could win. On the third place we have two winners:  Marie Krumbein: Apple Pie based on my granny’s recipe with a vegan twist You need 100g of almonds, 150ml soy milk, 120g brown sugar, […]

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How to spend the summer of 2020?

The summer holidays are coming up, and hopefully, we can enjoy the nice weather. At least the terraces are already open to enjoy a drink together with a friend. Travelling will look different this holiday, and it is not yet clear if it is responsible to travel and to which destinations this will be possible. […]

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How to stay fit at home during quarantine!

Because all gyms are still closed or have only partially reopened, the condition and fitness of many people have deteriorated. It is important to keep your fitness a bit on track in these weird times. That’s why we’ve put together a number of workouts that will help you discover how to stay fit at home […]

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Easy baking recipes 

During these days at home, we have all the time we need to develop ourselves into master bakers. No doubt that some of you already tried to make banana bread. Besides some of you will already have quite some experience in baking, but there are definitely people without any experience. Here follow some other amazing, […]

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Stuck at home? These 10 tips will get you through!

Normally we’d all be fighting and studying for next week’s exams, but the Coronavirus has turned the world upside down and it is important to avoid social contacts. We suddenly have a lot more time because most work, studies, and appointments can’t go on anymore. Are you bored, now that the VU, restaurants, cafes and […]

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