Student life

Sandy toes and a sun kissed nose: summer must-do’s

For many of us the final week of this study year has arrived. That means that, besides from some work here and there, you have two months off. You are probably already day dreaming about what you are going to do with all that free time. While we don’t want to keep you from meeting […]

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How to survive a ‘hospi’?

Becoming a student is not just going to another school, but for a lot of us it is the time to (finally) leave the parent’s home and go live ‘young, wild and free’. Besides the big step of leaving your parents, moving to another student house when you already live in one is also very […]

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Meet the campus | The Doppio brothers: Niels & Jesper

Most students cannot survive their study days without some coffee. After a short night, during a long day or just when you are thirsty: coffee is the ultimate solution. At the main square of the VU, the Doppio brothers provide you with some delicious coffee, tea and other refreshments. This time in our column ‘Meet […]

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Meet the campus – Jolanda Hillebrand (Jo from Initium)

When I say ‘Jo van het Initium’ probably all of you know who I am talking about. For the ones who don’t… shame on you! When you are having a mental breakdown or you want to have a nice laugh, Jo is always there for you. This time in our column ‘Meet the campus’, Jo […]

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A personal story: what it is like to have a burnout?

She was the typical student: studying physiotherapy, babysitting a few times a week, hanging out with friends and riding horses as sports. She was told she had the perfect life and did not have to worry about anything. However, at some point it did not feel that way. The moment she realized she was not […]

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How many hours would you like to have in a day?

Most students will recognize the need to have more time in a day. Balancing study and social life while still getting enough sleep, is a serious skill. While many of us manage to do all these activities within 24 hours, rushing through life does more harm than good. If coffee is your best friend to […]

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