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SBE Students on Crypto

We’re living in a time right now where Blockchain is becoming the next big thing since the introduction of the internet. The technology behind Bitcoin is going to put a lot of institutions and banks offside. More and more people are starting to invest in Bitcoin and especially all the alternative cryptocurrencies. They believe it is […]

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Meet the City • HotShots

Hotshots in Amsterdam, who has not been there yet? The bar where your night can begin or end in style; good music, nice company and lots of drinks and dance moves.  Aureus likes to end up there as well after our monthly drinks. Want to find out more about the ins and outs – and […]

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Kickstart your Future! • Speaker Series Recap

Before the holiday, an awesome event took place at the VU: ‘Kick Start your Future!’, organized by Aureus and Student Talks. Five motivational speakers where invited to the VU to share their stories and passions in life, with the goal to motivate other great thinkers here at our university. Feeling the lack of motivation to […]

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Finding a place to live in Amsterdam

As all of you might know, finding a place to live in Amsterdam could be pretty hard. The prices for renting can be too high and the rooms are always in great demand but in short supply.  Despite these difficulties, there are a lot of resources to look into. Therefore, for those still searching for […]

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Meet the Students • Ruben Pol

Find out about the supermodel who travels the world, makes music with top-shelf producers, parties with Paris Hilton and sits next to you during the lectures… Meet Ruben Pol, a first-year IBA student at the VU. It was a regular Monday morning during a lecture. Overwhelmed by fatigue from the busy weekend, I lost my […]

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Behind the Artists of VUSE

Our faculty has gone through a huge change last summer, but you should have noticed it of course! Where we called our faculty FEWEB before, it now has a new international name called the School of Business and Economics. This change must be celebrated, which we are going to! Upcoming Wednesday, there will be a […]

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