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Student life

Behind the Artists of VUSE

Our faculty has gone through a huge change last summer, but you should have noticed it of course! Where we called our faculty FEWEB before, it now has a new international name called the School of Business and Economics. This change must be celebrated, which we are going to! Upcoming Wednesday, there will be a […]

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How to combine ADE with your exams

Year on year, every student runs into the same dilemma: ace your exams or attend the Amsterdam Dance Event? Just like this dilemma, efforts to change the timing of either the exam period or ADE return annually as well. Students even started a petition some years back to gain attention for their important cause. Yet, […]

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Throwback • VU Introduction Week 2017

As you might still remember, a few weeks ago the introduction week of 2017 kicked off at the VU campusplein. More than 3000 first year students came to the VU to have a great start of this new chapter of their life. Keep reading to look back on that first amazing week: the 2017 Introduction […]

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Good Food, Good Mood • 5 great places to lunch near the VU

Food, isn’t it all we think of? Especially during boring lectures! Our minds tend to wander thinking of what to eat for lunch. As students we often have limited funds, so we have to spend it wisely. Did you forget to bring lunch today, or would you just like to know where you can get […]

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Sandy toes & a sun kissed nose: Summer Must-Do’s

For many of us the final week of this study year has arrived. That means that, besides from some work here and there, you have two months off. You are probably already day dreaming about what you are going to do with all that free time. While we don’t want to keep you from meeting […]

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How to survive a ‘hospi’?

Becoming a student is not just going to another school, but for a lot of us it is the time to (finally) leave the parent’s home and go live ‘young, wild and free’. Besides the big step of leaving your parents, moving to another student house when you already live in one is also very […]

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