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The war for talent

As a student you are slowly becoming more familiar with the business industry. During this phase of your life, there are many decisions to be made regarding your future career. In an increasingly competitive labour market, the way you present yourself is more important than ever. Therefore, we sat down with Lonneke Korenromp and Maaike […]

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Active membership at Aureus: Testimonial of Rachael Nederveen

Have you ever wondered what active membership at Aureus is all about? Which tasks do you need to fulfill? Which skills do you need to possess? Which functions you have in a committee? Read Rachael her testimonial and all your questions will be answered.  Short introduction about yourself My name is Rachael Nederveen. Currently, I am in […]

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A board year at Aureus with Emma Vloeimans

Step aboard! Aureus is recruiting for members of the 71st Aureus board. Are you wondering what it’s like to manage Aureus? Where will you spend your time on? Read the testimonials of our previous board members to find out more. Today, Emma Vloeimans (Marketing Officer in 2013/2014) is sharing her experience with us.  From committee […]

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Are you ready to organise Amsterdam’s biggest career event?

The Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen (ACD) is one of the biggest career events in Amsterdam. Last year, around 70 companies participated and 1500students visited the event. Do you want to further develop yourself and organize the ACD of 2020? Then read further, because Lotte Nelson will tell you all about her experiences as a member of […]

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