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How to write your motivation letter?

Have you ever applied for a job, an Aureus committee, etc.? Chances are that you had to write a piece of text explaining your motivation. One thing is certain: even if you have not written one yet, you will probably need to write a motivation letter somewhere during life. Trying to translate your feelings into […]

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Picnic • Innovation by young talent

Picnic is a fast-growing grocery delivery company in the Netherlands. For this blog, we went to the Picnic headquarters in Amsterdam for an interview with business analyst Jenneke Evers. She told us all about how she landed at Picnic, what it is like to work there and the business itself.   Picnic’s headquarters For those of […]

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How to dress to impress for a career event

Aureus organizes many events and inhousedays with companies, for example, last week there was one at van Delft Pepernotenfabriek. However, how do you know how to dress for events like this? Aureus often lets you know if you should dress business casual or business formal, but what exactly should you wear then? We explain it […]

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What it’s like to do a Management Traineeship at Pon

My name is Astrid Vos and I’ve been working as a Management Trainee at Pon since the 1st of September 2017. The traineeship is made up of 4 assignments at various Pon businesses, whereby you are given plenty of scope to decide for yourself how to complete your assignments. I would like to take you […]

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Young Entrepreneurs • The BikeBoys

In September 2016, Thijs de Ligt and Rendel Hijlkema started The BikeBoys, because they recognized that it was very difficult to find a good quality second-hand bike. For exchange students, it is very convenient to have a proper bike immediately at arrival in Amsterdam, the bike capital of the world. We interviewed co-founder Thijs de […]

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Boosting Quality of Life by Taking a Smarter Approach to Mobility

Quality of life in big cities and busy business districts is an increasing problem in the world today. Populations are growing and more and more professionals commute by car, which in turn leads to more emissions. These are all reasons to raise people’s awareness of shared mobility. Simone van de Koppel, Hub Manager at Next […]

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