Career Officer • Azra Talic

Main Responsibilities •  Development strategic collaboration with SBE career services •  Creating synergy between the different career events •  Creating awareness about professional development among students •  Responsible for implementing the career platform and keeping it up-to-date •  Aureus Confidant (Counselor) • Committee coordination: Amsterdam Career Days, Aureus Business Month, Business Experience Days, EDAC, Aureus Academy, SBE Masterday 2019 and Accountancy Tour

About Azra During my first Bachelor-year of International Business Administration in 2014 I signed up for the European Study Trip to Prague, organized by Aureus, to take a small step out of my comfort zone. After this trip I realized there was much more to the student-life than only going to lectures and taking exams. Therefore during my second year, I decided to merge myself into the yellow study association, which will now bring me my biggest challenge yet.

To hop back to my first year at Aureus, I was part of the committee Internal Events. Where we organized the events for all the committee-members of Aureus, such as the monthly drink, a weekend away, the yearly gala and many other social activities. This was the perfect way to get to know the association and for the association to get to know Azra.

After a full year of fun, I had the chance to go to the beautiful city that is Lisbon for an exchange semester. I took some other courses than the business-related ones at home, like Sociology of Work and European History. I've also had some time to explore Portugal and met many people from many different places.

Upon return, I joined the Aureus Business Month to organize the first edition of the event. My responsibility in this committee was the online and offline promotion. This has been quite the challenge for me, since it was my first time as a marketeer and the event was completely new as well.

But the biggest challenge, as said before, is the Aureus board that I am part of this year. I am very curious about what this year will bring us and I am ready to maximize myself.

Contact: [email protected]