Throughout Aureus her 74-year history, a lot of former members have ended up in interesting job positions. They are open to help you with any questions since they have been in the exact same position you are currently. Whereas it might feel like a big step to approach a recruiter or to approach a random employee of a company, the Alumnus can offer you relevant insights in a casual, informal way.

Currently, we have divided the Alumni into the following categories, when filling in the form please state which one (or multiple) sound(s) most relevant to you:

  • Breaking into the world of Finance
  • Join the fast world of Marketing & FMCG
  • The jobs of the future: Innovation and Digitalization

We will get back to you when we have found a match in our Alumni database, from that point on you and the Alumnus are free to choose whether you would like to schedule a video call through e.g. Zoom, call regularly, or have mail contact.