Great Place To Work ®

Great Place to Work® is the international partner for organizations who want to develop to a Great Workplace. Moreover, they publish the list of Best Workplaces every year. The Best Workplaces list is highly sought after for its impact on the employer brand. It says to current and future employees , “we are an employer of choice.” The business of Great Place to Work is driven by a social mission – to help improve society. By improving people’s working lives, they will ultimately improve society too.

We interviewed Stein van der Weiden, he is a consultant at Great Place to Work® and he will be present at our event on May 10th! During the economic crisis of 2012 he finished the program Human Resource Management. According to him, the great aspect of a Great Workplace is that you are able to find those in every industry and every size.

He finished his degree at a large IT-multinational and was offered a job as a Campus Recruiter. “After 2,5 years of working at a corporate I decided I wanted to do something completely different. After 1,5 crazy years abroad, I found what I wanted to do: helping people with the development of an organization. That’s exactly what I am doing now as a consultant at Great Place to Work®”, says Stein. “Our research maps the current situation and our workshops help the organizations in order to reach the desired situation.”

According to Stein a ‘Great Workplace’ is an organization where trust, pride and fun are the key values. This arises mainly from how well people can work together. “That sounds easy, but for many organizations it proves to be hard due to hierarchy, personal interests and focus on profits.” What do you think that are important factors at your employer? Stein: “It personally matters to me when a firm offers opportunities for people to develop themselves and that a firm includes their people in making important choices. The goal and the boundaries need to be clear and within that I want to have freedom to make my own choices.”

Why do students need to come to our event? “If you want to have a successful start of your career, you will have to be able to recognize an employer that fits you. If you want to get to know them, then join the event!”

Interested in Aureus’ newest Great Place to Work event? There are only limited spots available, so make sure to apply fast here.