Join this year’s edition of VUSE! In this week’s blog we will tell you something about VUSE 2020. VUSE will take place on Thursday the 20th of February at WesterUnie. We will give you some information about what VUSE is, the line-up, and more. Tickets for this exciting party are still available here!

What is VUSE and who’s invited?
For the people who don’t know VUSE, we are Aureus’ biggest and best party of the year. This night will involve live performances of the best artists and DJ’s. Last two editions featuring Ronnie Flex, Bizzey, Mesto and many more were very successful and completely sold out. Since we have changed the timing this year from November to February even more (exchange) students can join our party. At VUSE, everyone is welcome! Regardless of your year, program, faculty and even you’re not a student at the VU! So, feel free to take whoever you like with you!
P.S. We also invited our friends from Eos and Kraket to party with us.

Aureus Member Lucky Bird Ticket ♦ €10,- ♦ SOLD OUT!
Aureus Member Early Bird Ticket ♦ €12,50 ♦ SOLD OUT!
Aureus/ Eos/ Kraket Member Regular Ticket ♦ €15,-
VU & Friends Regular Ticket ♦ €17,50

Become a member of Study Association Aureus for free here & get access to exclusive discounted tickets! Your membership will be verified prior to the event. Can’t become a member because you don’t study at SBE or want to bring your friends? Then the VU & Friends ticket is the right fit for you!


Dopebwoy quickly became one of the most popular Dutch artists after multiple mega-hits such as Cartier, Loco (ft. Yung Felix), Walou Crisis (ft. 3robi & Mula 😎, and TikTok (ft. Boef). The Dutch rapper and producer broke through in the Dutch hip-hop scene with his single Cartier. This track stood out more than 12 weeks in the top 10 of the Dutch charts. It ended up as the summer hit of 2017 and it was heard at every festival and every club. Moreover, this year he released his album “Forever Lit” which has conquered a place in the top 10 most streamed albums of the Dutch charts for more than 15 weeks. 

ChildsPlay is a unique trio from Amsterdam, consisting of Keanu, Don, and Steven. The sound of ChildsPlay is characterized as a smooth mix of Urban, Latin and Dance. Over the past years, the guys of ChildsPlay haven’t been idle. With 6 gold plates, 2 platinum plates, and a Latin Grammy award, they grew faster than ever! One of the many highlights is the international monster hit MACHIKA, which now already surpassed 160 million (!) plays. In addition to the international steps that the guys are taking, their influence in the Dutch music industry is also clearly visible. For example, in 2016 they released the album “Zero Fucks Given”, with features including Boef, Jonna Fraser, SBMG, Sjaak, Hef, Adje, and more. With their specific danceable sound, they already won many hearts. In 2018 they did more than 100 bookings, including gigs in Bulgaria, Spain, the UK, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Wasserette Soundsystem, Jaycey, and Invictim are performing on VUSE, so make sure you check them out on the 20th of February! Together these artists have played from Vunzige Deuntjes to Mysteryland and from Open Air to Supperclub, but now they’re coming for VUSE to support Dopebwoy & ChildsPlay! 

Practical information:
18+ (Bring your ID!)

20 February 2020 

23:00 – 04:00 (Doors close at midnight!)

WesterUnie, Amsterdam

Guess we won you over to come to VUSE 2020, did we? Buy your tickets before they’re gone & join us in WesterUnie for the greatest party of the year! Tickets here!