Aureus introduction weekend

Your student life starts with the VU Introduction Days. In the end August, you and your fellow students will learn all the ins and outs of your degree programme, attend workshops and explore Amsterdam. You’ll also discover where the best places to study on the VU campus are, where you can find details of your timetable and textbooks and where to go to relax after a day of study. It’s the best way to ensure you begin your degree with a head start! In addition to the VU Introduction Days, you can join the Aureus Introduction weekend. This weekend will give you the perfect opportunity to come in close contact with your fellow students! On Friday in the Introduction Week we’ll leave with 130 people of your study association towards a secret location. This means the spots are limited! We have taken care of everything this weekend, so the only thing you have to do is meeting other people and enjoy the food, activities and parties. The VU didn’t plan anything else so you won’t miss out other things is Amsterdam. We can give you some small reasons to join the weekend:
  1. Dinner with unlimited fries and snacks
  2. Not one but two awesome (theme) parties
  3. Meeting lots of new people and making friends for your whole study period
If you add all of this up, it’s a great addition to your introduction week. After the weekend, but also during the first weeks of university, you really notice that you already know a lot of people, which is a huge advantage in a new environment. Do you want to join us for the introduction weekend? You can sign up for the VU Introduction Days and Aureus Introduction Weekend soon, so keep an eye on our website! [button button_url="" button_title="Back to Event Overview"]