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Sinterklaas Poem

Dearest Committee Members,

My name is Sint, as you may know

I was born a long, long time ago

Despite the semi-lockdown, I had to go to the VU just like last year

To enjoy myself and pound a few beers

The new board was hungover behind their bureau

And they didn’t even have their CoBo

The board this year are really in a flow

Unfortunately, corona said hello

Chris is the Chairman of the Board

She really doesn’t like it when she is being ignored

Her main task is to make sure everything is going well

Therefore, she is never bored

The HR Officer is the blonde Ellemijn

Sint has seen she can drink a lot of wine

She is doing a good job with the HR training

And is always entertaining

Next, we have Quinten, our Marketing Guy

It was his birthday this week, so let’s put our hands up in the sky

He arranges Aureus posts on Instagram

Which sometimes contain an explanation of a new activity programme

Then we have Bob, our Commercial Officer

He sure knows his politics, right Amber?

A trip to Mexico I heard from Julia,

However I can’t remember specifically, it is a blur

Philline is our Controller, who likes to kiss other Controllers

Especially the ones from Rotterdam..

But she also keeps a good eye on the Aureus money

So don’t mess with the bank account honey

Then our Career Event topper Lize,

She has a new lover and they are very close

She has also done Internal Events

For that reason, Sint likes her the most

Veronika, our Innovation girl, has a boyfriend in Germany

Sint thinks they fit perfectly

When he is not here, she misses him very much

However, Sint does think he needs to learn some Dutch

Last but not least, we have our Digital Systems Officer Youp

He is known as the ladies man of the group

With his friendly smile and long coupe

He flirts with many girls with a lot of swoop, swoop

Enough talking about the Aureus Board

Once the alcohol kicks in, the committee members are also something of a report

I mean sleeping at a bus stop, like Jochem, deserves an award

Luckily his old teacher was his guard

Sint also heard a story about Ruben and Robin

They acted more than friendly on a Masters Weekend night

Sint hasn’t heard the full story

But the rumors are a delight

And what about our sports guy Bing

Are he and Sterre a fling?

Sint heard he is smooth with his actions

This may cause many female distractions

But oi oi what a year

Philipp even woke up in the hospital after drinking too many beers

Hopefully these actions won’t be repeated

But he’ll probably keep a poker face during the GMM when he is seated

The annual Introduction Week is where the drama began

Especially in the Surprise bar, Sint was a fan!

Most committee members drank a bit too much alcohol

So be careful you don’t walk into a lamp post or wall

In November we had the famous Halloween Party

On that night, everyone was acting naughty

Also many nice pictures have been taken

Some of which were very shaken

The Committee Drink was also a lot of fun

Especially the chug contest, which Jarno from Bachelor Club BK won!

Sint heard the beer was really cheap

Everybody wanted to drink all night and not go home to sleep

CMW needed to be pushed ahead

That made the Internal Events Committee very sad

Hopefully a new weekend will soon be said

So Sint can hear more stories about members sharing a bed

Mark Rutte indicated that corona isn’t over yet

Which made everyone very upset

We have to put our masks back on

But Sint hopes that rule will soon be gone

Upcoming year there will be a party here, a party there

And we want more gossip, so truth or dare?

A little party does not hurt

And some Aureans still need to learn how to flirt

Now Sint shall come to an end

Because there was some money to spend

Sint has a little present for every member

To celebrate the beginning of the month December!

Hopefully I will see you all next year.

For now, let’s hope to soon catch a beer!

Love, Sinterklaas