Innovation Officer • Lisa Gurzhiy

Main responsibilities:

  • Management and integration of current IT systems
  • Maintaining the IT to support the innovativeness of Aureus
  • Optimization of services
  • Responsible for the services: E-assessments, Career Platform, Online Book Platform & Bookstore
  • Committee coordination: Master Clubs Committee coordination – International Management, HRM and Leadership & Change Management, Accounting & Control and Financial Management, Digital Business & Innovation, Strategy & Organization and Management Consulting

About Lisa
Last year I came to the Netherlands to do my Master degree in Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Previously, I did my Bachelor in Economics at Moscow State University for four years. During my Bachelor, I went on exchange to Paris.

When I first arrived in the Netherlands I had no idea what does ‘Study Association’ actually do in general, or even Aureus in particular. As an international student, I became a regular member of Aureus because of the Masterday 2018. A friend of mine from my course recommended me to join one of the Aureus Committee together and this is how I found myself in the Aureus Master Club. Together we have organised some social and career-oriented events for our fellow master students which helped me to realise that there is a great potential of Aureus among internationals which is not fully fulfilled. I found that a lot of international students are not aware of Aureus benefits as they do not have study associations in their home countries so this concept is completely alien to them.

After a fruitful year in the Master Club, I wanted to continue my Aureus journey by joining a Board Year as I felt the energy to make an impact, challenge myself and learn something new. Besides that, I realised that it would be an amazing chance to expand my outlook on Dutch culture by having only Dutch colleagues. Aureus Board Year also became a bridge between my long study life and work in the industry providing a smooth transition.

I hope that the upcoming year will bring me more experiences, friendships, and great memories!

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