Commercial Officer

Commercial Officer - Puck Terpstra


Main responsibilities:

  • Acquisition and relationship management of companies
  • Sponsor- and partnerships
  • Committee coordination: ACD and Commercial Team

About Puck:

Since the start of my bachelor Business Administration at the VU University in September 2013, I have been active in Aureus committees. Together with my committee members, I have organized the Business Experience Days, the Amsterdam Marketing Challenge, and the Amsterdam Academic Conference. Three amazing years in which I got to know Aureus and all the fun, friendship, and development opportunities it has to offer. After completing my bachelor and my exchange semester in Georgia, I was looking for a new challenge to bring my acquired knowledge into practice. A board year at Aureus seemed like the perfect match. I look forward to this challenging and dynamic year as Commercial Officer, and together with my fellow board members I hope to bring Aureus to the next level!


[email protected]