Chairman - Welmoed Rentes

welmoed Main responsibilities:
  • Leading and coordinating the Aureus board
  • Development and implementation of the long-term vision and strategy
  • Maintain contact with the main stakeholders, such as the SBE Board, the supervisory board and other (faculty) organizations
  • Selection of the board 2017-2018
  • Committee coordination: ARP
  About Welmoed:

My first experience with Aureus was during the introduction period of the VU. This was in my very first week as an International Business Administration student. I wasn’t even living in Amsterdam yet, but immediately knew that joining Aureus would be my first step to ‘student-life’. Not only did I become an active member because of the social aspect, I have always had the drive to challenge myself next to the regular curriculum.  I gained acquisition skills when organizing a trip to Istanbul, together with the European Study Trip committee. Furthermore, as chair of the FEWEB Training Days I obtained leadership skills. After an exchange semester in Singapore and quite some traveling, I joined the Commercial Team for half a year and finished my bachelor studies at the VU. This academic year, I start the biggest challenge so far, the Aureus board. Together with my fellow board-members, we will strive to provide added value for you. As Chairman, I am internally oriented when facilitating cooperation between the board members and developing the long-term strategy. On the other hand, I  also focus on the external relationships by maintaining relationships with our main stakeholders.


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