Network Officer

Board position ● Network Officer

Main Responsibilities ● Contact with SBE board, Bsc Coordinators, Msc Coordinators, Board of Advice ● Development political and diplomatic network ● Development sustainable alumni network ● Responsible for tutoring and summaries ● Main contact person for stakeholders within the VU and non-commercial external parties ● Committee coordination: Speaker Series, Alumni committee, Master Club

The Network Officer is responsible for developing a long-lasting and non-commercial network, both within and outside the university. You will maintain relations with the faculty board, professors and the Board of Advice. In addition, you will be in charge of the alumni policy on a strategic and operational level. Furthermore, you are continuously searching for new connections and maximizing the value of the network of Aureus. You are the coordinator of most academic activities and you will support your fellow board members to increase the quality of events with interesting speakers. You will also supervise the committees that are  in contact with important speakers and coordinate the contact they have with the professors.

Requirements: ● Communication skills ● Networking skills ● Adaptability ● Representative

Testimonial • Thomas van Bentum

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

I’ve been doing committee work during my entire bachelors and I’ve always enjoyed what Aureus had to offer me. It has always been the perfect place to develop myself in a serious way, in a safe and fun environment. Throughout the years I have learned completely different kind of skills ranging from social to business related ones, working towards one specific event, or doing continuous work the entire year. After all these different things, I have learned what I enjoy the most, what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also that I am definitely not ready to already start working for the rest of my life. A board year at Aureus was the perfect way to end my time at Aureus, before I start my masters and enter the working life. Whilst it is a lot more serious than any committee I have done before, it still promised to be the same fun, ‘gezellig’, and supportive place for me to really bridge the gap between a student who does some extra things, towards being a young professional who still has to do some studying.

As the Network Officer of Aureus,  I am responsible for most of our non-commercial relations. The biggest part being the rest of the university and all stakeholders surrounding that. Partners for some of our services, alumni and other important people to the association fill up the rest. Committee supervision is also a large part of my functional tasks.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

As Network Officer, you don’t have lots of deliverables, and you need to love working with people, because keeping relationships healthy, having lots of coffee’s with people to discuss how it’s going and how we could help each other is the core of what I do on a daily business. The Network Officer may not always be able to help you with something, but he/she will be able to point you to who is able to help you. At the moment, I am looking into what we can do extra for our members together with different parties.