Marketing Officer

Board position ● Marketing Officer

Main Responsibilities • Responsible for all on- and offline promotional communication • Creating the strategic positioning and segmentation of our brand • Managing, planning and creating promotional content • Supporting committees with their promotional activities • Committee coordination: Almanac, Blog Committee, Marketing Team

The main responsibility of the Marketing Officer is the PR, brand management and marketing of Aureus. It is your task to position Aureus in a way that represents our distinctive style and professionalism. You will also be responsible for the informational and communication systems, like social media. In addition, data has become more important for Aureus in the past few years, therefore there are major points of development in that field. You will be working on analyzing the effectiveness of the online promotional communications. Furthermore, you are responsible for coordinating the promotion of all our events. This mainly consists of the coordination of the promotion plans of committees and the compliance with the Aureus brand.

Requirements: • Affinity with and knowledge of marketing • Vision regarding the brand and the image of Aureus • Creativity • Analytical skills • Structured approach

Testimonial Maxime Boelen

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

The reason for me to apply for the board of Aureus was to gather practical experience before starting my Master. What better way than do this at the association where I'm already in for 3 years. I already did four committees at Aureus and I wanted to end my journey with a board year! A board year gives you the opportunity to be in charge of a big organization together with seven other students. There's a lot of room for new ideas and you can actually implement those ideas.

As the Marketing Officer of Aureus,  your main responsibility is the on- and offline promotion and the strategic positioning & segmentation of our Aureus brand. Besides, you're responsible for managing, planning and creating promotional content and supporting all committees with their promotional activities. Last but not least, you will also be the Supervisory Board Member of the Almanac, Blog Committee, and Marketing Team. Next to these committees, it is possible to be the supervisor of another committee, which is the Graduates Development Program for me.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

Facebook fading away is the biggest challenge of my position this year. For the past years, Facebook was our main promotional channel, but at the moment we see that a lot of students don't actively use Facebook anymore. This means that they don't see our events online, which is a big problem for us. That's why we're focusing on other channels which can replace Facebook for the coming years.