Innovation Officer

Board position ● Innovation Officer

Main Responsibilities • Management and integration of current IT systems • Maintaining the IT to support the innovativeness of Aureus • Responsible for the digital business of Aureus • Optimization of services • Responsible for the services: E-assessments, Online Book Platform & Bookstore • Committee Master Club

The Innovation Officer prepares Aureus for the next step by driving technology innovation throughout the entire organization. In the past few years, information has become more important and also for Aureus there are major points of development in that field. As Innovation Officer, you will be responsible for the digital business of Aureus. This consists of process optimization and the development and integration of IT structures. You will be primarily responsible for the CRM system and the website. Furthermore, you will support the decision-making process by using gathered data in an efficient and strategic manner. Finally, you will be working closely with the Marketing Officer to improve the relevance and user-friendliness of the digital environment, for example by employing an SEO strategy.

This position will put you in the driver’s seat of a strategic challenge which in the end will leave a lasting footprint that will improve Aureus for many years to come.

Essential competencies: • Process minded/ structured • Creativity • Strategic vision • Affinity with IT or cloud possibilities • Tenacity • Communicative skills

Testimonial Lisa Gurzhiy

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

I applied for the Aureus Board because I thought that this could be an excellent opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I hadn’t done before. Firstly, I wanted to gain more work experience before starting a job in the industry, but I also wanted to learn something new and develop significant skills that will help me later on. Secondly, as an international, I was curious about working in a team with other highly-motivated students from the Netherlands. In addition, I felt that besides expanding my network, I would also be able to get to know different companies which potentially might become my employers in the future. Although in the last six months, I think I have already learned a lot, there are still new challenges coming up almost every day which makes a board year even more exciting.

Besides carrying out the responsibility for the Aureus website and the CRM-system, Salesforce, being the Innovation Officer means using your creativity to optimize the processes with which the board members have to work with on a daily basis. Moreover, it is crucial to focus on the bigger picture as it not only helps solve different IT-related issues but it also supports the advancement of the whole association. To see the development and implementation of my ideas contributing to the long-term goals of Aureus is deeply gratifying to me and provides me with high job satisfaction.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

There is always room for improvement, so it is important to allocate time wisely and to focus on particular tasks that have the highest priority for the association. This year, in terms of IT development, I decided to concentrate on the improvement of the facilities that we already have, such as the website structure, career platform, and Salesforce data structuring.