HR Officer

Testimonial • Loeloe van Dam

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

I got in touch with Aureus when I joined Masterclub Marketing last year. Besides the practical experience Aureus taught me, I also enjoyed the social activities. When the applications for a board year at Aureus opened, I got even more excited. Since I just turned 22 when I finished my Masters in Marketing, I wasn’t ready to enter the ‘real’ labour market yet. An Aureus board year was the perfect combination of still being a student while learning a lot on a personal and professional level.

As the HR Officer and secretary of Aureus, my main focus is the Aureus committee members. My tasks are mostly focused on the recruitment and selection of new committee members. On top of that, I am responsible for the personal development of the committee members and to sustain a relationship with them. Moreover, I have five (mostly social-focused) committees to supervise. The secretary function consists of keeping track of the Aureus Administration. This means that I check the info-mail of Aureus on a daily basis, make the minutes during important meetings of the board and organize the General Members Meeting.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

Being an HR officer and secretary means that there you are going to have a lot of (smaller) operational tasks. Therefore, it is key to know how to switch and use your time wisely between different daily activities. A great advantage of this is that this function will never be boring, and every day is different than the one before. Finally, it is very important to never stop innovating on how to make committee members develop themselves further.