Commercial Officer

Board position ● Commercial Officer

Main responsibilities • Acquisition and relationship management of companies • Sponsor- and partnerships • Committee coordination: Amsterdam Career Days, Commercial Team,  VUSE

The main task of the Commercial Officer is maintaining and improving all relationships between Aureus and the companies. In this role, you will be visiting the current partner organizations as well as actively looking for new opportunities to enhance your portfolio. Together with recruiters, you are aiming for a perfect fit between what Aureus and the companies have to offer each other. Besides selling products and services such as mailings to students and banners on the website, you will be creating sponsorships for events and develop long-term relations. Next to this, you are responsible for coordinating all active members that are conducting sponsor acquisition.

Essential competencies: • Excellent communication skills • Experience/affinity in sales or acquisition • Persuasive skills • Orientation on results • Decision-making skills • A structured way of working

Testimonial Marc Boerema

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

Honestly, I doubted for quite some time whether I should apply or not. I learned a lot from organizing the Aureus Business Month and I wanted to start my second Master’s degree and start working. Luckily I changed my mind because I am convinced there are things that you learn in a board year that you will learn nowhere else. So what did convince me to apply? A great boost to your resume, an amazing opportunity to expand your network and the possibility to experience a management position within an organization while still having the benefits of the fun student life!

As a Commercial Officer of Aureus, I am responsible for maintaining and expanding the Aureus business network. Visiting current partner companies, meet recruiters, looking for new ways of collaboration and guiding committees in their acquisition journey are my main tasks.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

As a Commercial Officer, you are constantly balancing your short term targets and the long term revenue model of Aureus. I have to position myself in the vision of different companies to see what they need and how we can contribute to their goal without forgetting the needs of our students.

Also, I have to help other committees with achieving their acquisition targets. The largest committee, the Amsterdam Career Days, is one of the most exciting projects you will work on as the organization and supervision of this event requires a strategic long-term vision, as well as handling operational challenges.