Board position ● Chairman

Main Responsibilities • Leading and coordinating the Aureus board • Development and implementation of the long-term vision and strategy • Maintain contact with the main stakeholders, such as the SBE Board, the supervisory board and other (faculty) organizations • Selection of the new board • Committee coordination: Master Club

The Chairman of the board is responsible for managing the team, monitoring the planning and guarding the strategy and vision of Aureus. As Chairman, you are the head of Aureus and therefore it is important to develop the internal and external network. Therefore, you will have continuous meetings with other (study) associations throughout the Netherlands, the faculty board and external parties. Additionally, you will have to make sure your fellow board members are doing well and make sure you perform outstandingly together as a team. You will have to keep track of the activities that are being organized and aim for improvement where necessary. Together with the selection committee, the Chairman is also responsible for selecting the board members for the next academic year.

Essential competencies: • Leadership skills • Excellent communication skills • Great sense of responsibility • Strategic vision • Ability to deal with pressure • Structured approach

Testimonial Colin van der Kolk

Why I applied for a board year at Aureus

After doing my bachelors, I was done with studying and wanted to gain new skills which I had not learned during my studies or side-job. Skills like leadership, communication or creating your own strategy for a company are not things you normally learn in your Bachelor, Master or job. Also knowing your own qualities and pitfalls are not the regular stuff you learn. Also, I wanted to still have a lot of fun before I will work. Therefore, I wanted to join the board. This is a perfect balance between fun and seriousness. By being a board member, you are almost running your own company. You are supervising teams (leadership) and write a policy for that year and implement this (strategic), you have twice a week meetings and have to learn to communicate your ideas in a different way (communication). In my opinion, these are essential parts for a successful career and even in personal life. Moreover, you will have lots of drinks, weekends away, fun activities with the board and much more.

As the chairman of the Aureus board, I lead and coordinate the Aureus board. Each year, a policy is written by the board. The implementation and development of this policy and the long-term vision of the association are one of my main responsibilities. I am in contact with the main stakeholders of Aureus, such as the SBE board, the supervisory board of Aureus and other study associations.

Next to this, you also supervise a few committees. This year, I am supervising the Amsterdam Research Project, which is going to Peru and I also support the Masterclub Finance & Economics. Furthermore, as chairman, you also always take place in the selection committee that selects the following board.

What kind of issues do I have to deal with?

For a Chairman, this differs from day till day as your main responsibility is to coordinate the board. Therefore, you will supervise if everything is going well and nothing is forgotten in terms of policy or committees, you lead twice a week the meetings and are there when they need you. You are also in contact with other stakeholders to maintain the relationships but also to gain new mutual new ideas.