Board Positions

Positions in the board

If you have any questions about the various positions in the Aureus board, you can contact the selection committee. We will be happy to give you additional information about what the different roles entail. Moreover, we can connect you to former board members of Aureus from different positions who can share their personal experience with you.

Click on the links below to find out more about the different positions in the board:

●       Chairman ●       Controller ●       HR Officer ●       Career Officer ●       Commercial Officer ●       Innovation Officer ●       Marketing Officer

Furthermore, there are three separate modules (vice-chairman, network and secretary) that can be combined with the positions listed above except for the Chairman.

As for committee guidance, some committees are assigned to a board position. However, there are also committees (e.g. Sports Committee, European Study Trip, the different Master Study Clubs, Graduates Development Program and Amsterdam Research Project) that will be divided among the board members before the beginning of the year.

You can also check the testimonials of the 70th Board:

●       Chairman • Denise de Ruijter ●       Controller • Jochem Hoogesteijn ●       HR Officer • Loeloe van Dam ●       Career Officer • Azra Talic ●       Commercial Officer • Rachael Nederveen ●       Innovation Officer • Bob van den Driesschen ●       Network Officer • Thomas van Bentum ●       Marketing Officer • Maxime Boelen

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