Dance all night long! • Amsterdam Dance Event

Do you need a little break from studying? This Wednesday will be the start of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event! The Amsterdam Dance Event is a music festival and conference where many creative artists perform and where music lovers go to. These days and nights are dedicated to electronic music culture with 2500 artists, 600 speakers and more than 1000 events in 200 different locations! During ADE, the city of Amsterdam turns into an electronic festival for five days and it is currently the largest club electronic music festival in the world. 

Why you cannot miss ADE!

Every year, ADE welcomes hundreds of thousands of people from more than 100 different countries. The unique festival takes place at almost 200 different locations, including clubs, smaller and cozy venues, concert halls and stadiums, but also locations like museums or even Amsterdam Central Station. This year ADE is celebrating 100 years of electronic instruments, which is why a pop-up museum will be opened to showcase some of the most important instruments in the history of music. 

ADE during the day

The first three days the conference centers itself around DeLaMar Theatre and it is the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the global electronic music industry. In addition to the conference, the ADE by Day program celebrates the best of electronic music culture with art, film, equipment demonstrations, live music, photography and technological events throughout Amsterdam. In the pop-up MoMI (Museum of Modern Instruments) you can find classic instruments and a couple of rare ones. The tour through the evolution of electronic music instruments is located at “De Brakke Grond”, which is in the center of Amsterdam. 

ADE during the night

From Wednesday, hundreds of events take place all night long. With over 200 events to attend per day, you might wonder: ‘How do I know where to go this week?’. That’s why we’ll mention some of the most popular ADE events. 

Where to go during ADE?

Are you also sad about the rainy days here and the end of the summer festival season? Then you’d love to go to the ADE events that collaborate with the most popular summer festivals. On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October, Tomorrowland will come to the Netherlands in the Ziggo Dome, the largest venue of Amsterdam with a capacity of 17,000. The festival celebrates its 15th anniversary, so these nights will be extra special.

 Are you more into afrobeats, house, hip hop, and rap? Then LatinVillage x ADE is the event for you! This night will be full of swinging music as Latin Village is one of the biggest Dutch Festivals. This event is located at the Hotel Room Mate Aitana. Another event in this theme is Vunzige Deuntjes x Fiesta Macumba where many Dutch Hip Hop artists perform, such as Boekoesam and Thabita.

 Are you into techno and old school music? Then this is event is perfect for you. On October 16th De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig will do something completely different for ADE and play techno music during this event in the main concert hall of Paradiso.

We hope you can all enjoy a little party this week before the upcoming exams! And if you cannot go to as many ADE events because of exam week, here you can find the best summer festivals to go to next year.