Amber Koopal • HR Officer & CSR

Main Responsibilities

  • Recruitment and selection of new committee members
  • Development of sustainable relationships with members
  • Personal/Professional Coaching of Committee Members
  • Communication with BSc Coordinators
  • Selection of the board 2023-2024
  • Committee coordination: Bachelor Trip, External Events, Internal events, Introduction Committee, Selection Committee, CSR Committee & CSR

Hi everyone!

My name is Amber Koopal, I am 26 years old, and I was born and raised in the south of Holland, gezellig Brabant! For my bachelor’s in Business Administration, I went to the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, which I finished in 2022. During my studies, I found out that the specialization in Human Resource Management suits me well, and therefore, I chose to do my master’s in HRM at the Vrije Universiteit.
When I came to Amsterdam, the city immediately felt like home to me, and one big reason for that is Aureus. I started doing committee work for the Master Club HRM & Marketing and joining as many events as possible. Although my high attendance did not contribute to my grades, I had the time of my life as a member of the association.

My time at Aureus couldn’t be over yet. So, to continue on that, I can tell you with pleasure that this year, I will be the HR & CSR Officer of the 75th Board of Aureus💛
As HR Officer, my main responsibilities are the recruitment and selection of committee members as well as their training and development. I found my passion in bringing people together and making sure that work can feel like a happy place. In addition, my CSR function fits me like a glove, because it allows me to ensure that Aureus can do even better on a level of inclusivity and sustainability. Together with my committee, we will work for a better future.

Besides the CSR Committee, I’m also supervising the Introduction Committee, Bachelor Trip, External Events, Internal Events, and the Selection Committee. Piece by piece amazing committees, and I am really looking forward to working with all of them!

Other than the board year, I love to spend time with my friends and family, I try to eat vegan, I pay lots of visits to the Efteling, and I overbuy on Vinted. If all goes well, I will be finishing my studies this year, thus, with the combination of a whole year of experience in the field while loving the job and (hopefully soon) a master’s degree in HRM, I am confident that I will find my happy place.

If you have questions regarding committee work or do you just want to chat? Please contact me so we can have a coffee

See you! 🙂