Sara Bijl • Marketing Officer & Secretary

Main responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all on- and offline promotional communication
  • Creating the strategic positioning and segmentation of the Aureus brand
  • Supporting committees with their promotional activities
  • Committee coordination: Almanac, Blog Committee, Marketing Team, VUSE
  • Mailing / communication with (committee) members and partner associations
  • Organization and coordination General Members Meeting
  •  Responsible for the Aureus administration

About Sara:

Hi I’m Sara and I’m the Marketing Officer and Secretary of the 72nd board. I am Dutch but lived abroad for most of my life. After finishing my high school, I decided to come back to the Netherlands and start my bachelor IBA at the VU. Because I barely knew anybody in Amsterdam I decided to join Aureus as it gave me the opportunity to meet people from my study and other students of the SBE. 

Since my first year of my bachelor I have been actively involved with Aureus. I started with the IBA bachelor club in acquisition. This was a great opportunity to get to know different companies for the in-house days but also be involved with a lot of social activities that included students from the entire IBA bachelor. The following year I become Chairman of the European Study trip where we organized a week to Athens where we visited several companies, explored the city and enjoyed the night life with 30 other bachelor students. After my exchange to Lisbon in my 3rd year, I decided to join the Graduate Development Program as a participant. We planned and organized an auction and several other fundraising events in order to raise money for local entrepreneurs in Jamaica however, due to the Corona crisis the trip was unfortunately cancelled. After 3 years in different types and functions within committees of Aureus I decided to take the next step, a board year. 

I am very excited to dedicate the upcoming year to Aureus and getting the most out of the opportunities that it offers. Even though we might experience some unexpected hurdles due to COVID-19, I am very excited to see what this year has in store for me and I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience to be part of the 72nd Board! 


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