Jaap Arets • Controller

Main responsibilities:

  • Financial administration of Aureus
  • Financially supervising the controllers of all committees
  • Committee coordination: Amsterdam Research Project, VUSE, Masterclubs


My name is Jaap Arets and I am the Controller of the 74th board of Aureus. I am 21 years old and born in Amsterdam, but currently live in Aalsmeer. I started my Bachelor’s in International Business Administration in 2019 at the VU with a specialization in Transport and Supply Chain Management. Although the function is not in line with my specialization, my interests lie in both fields.

In my first year at the VU I already decided to join a committee, where I became the controller of the SBE Masterday. We worked towards a physical event for half a year, but unfortunately this changed to an online edition due to Covid. After the summer I was a mentor during the introduction period of the first year students and joined the VUSE committee. I joined this committee as I also have a passion for organizing events. Although VUSE could not take place due to Covid, we were able to organize the very first Aureus Festival Week at the end of the year. In my third year I went abroad to study in Lisbon for half a year at the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. Since my bachelor at the VU was mostly online, it was great to have a full physical semester in Lisbon. Back in the Netherlands I joined the Introduction Committee and helped out organizing the introduction week for the first year students, which was a huge success.

After 2.5 years of committees at Aureus I wanted to be challenged even further and decided to sign up for a board year at Aureus. I happily got to hear that I was appointed as the Controller of the 74th Board of Aureus. During the year I will be responsible for the administration of Aureus. This means I will make sure that budget is wisely spend in order to add value to our members, while staying financially stable and healthy as study association. I will partially do so by overseeing and helping all other controllers of committees within Aureus. Besides that I will coordinate the committees: VUSE, Amsterdam Research Project and Masterclubs.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat, feel free to reach out to me. I am quite the coffee fanatic, so I am always in for a cup of coffee!


[email protected]