Flore Oerlemans • Commercial Officer

Main responsibilities: 

  • Acquisition and relationship management of companies
  • Sponsor- and partnerships
  • Committee coordination: Amsterdam Career Days, Aureus Business Week & Commercial Team
  • Responsible for the acquisition activities throughout the association 

About Flore

(AKA Fauna and known as the girl with the shiny shoes)

Hi everyone! My name is Flore Oerlemans, I am 21 years old and the Commercial Officer of the 72nd board. I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, de Rijp, but went to high school in Alkmaar. After I graduated high school, I immediately started my bachelor Bedrijfskunde. I finished my bachelor in 2020 and went on exchange in Melbourne, Australia. After returning from exchange, I decided to focus on my next move after my bachelor’s degree. With being 20 years old I still considered myself quite young to immediately start a master and enter the corporate world after, though this world did appeal to me.

I thus started to look at other possibilities to develop myself. Though I had not been active within Aureus before, except for being an introduction mentor, I did have a lot of friends that were active within the association who were always very positive about their experiences. This is how I discovered the possibility of a board year. At first I was quite uncertain if this was something I wanted to pursue, especially with being very inexperienced with the association. However, after having a few coffees with members of the 71st board and the selection committee, I became really enthusiastic and I decided I wanted to apply. I was especially drawn to the function of Commercial Officer, since this function provides a good mix of experiencing the corporate world as well as still being a student and being amongst students. 

Though no one (including me) expected it, I was selected as the Commercial Officer of the 72nd board. This year will be different than others and will probably create a lot of challenges. However, I am very confident in our board and I am positive we will make the best of this year. As Commercial Officer, I am responsible for maintaining our (long-term relationships) with partners and other companies despite these difficult times. Furthermore I am responsible for acquisition of both committees and the association as a whole and I coordinate the very motivated committees of de Amsterdam Career Days, the Aureus Business Week & the Commercial Team. 

I am really excited about the upcoming year and I am dedicated to get the most out of this year, as I am very happy with my fellow board members and our members in general. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a coffee to get to know more about the association, my function or just to chat! 

[email protected]