Chris Halkema • Chairman

Main responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of a long-term vision and strategy
  • Maintain contact with main stakeholders & other (faculty) organizations
  • Coordination of the board
  • Selection of the board 2022-2023
  • Committee coordination: Master Club DBI, Master Club L&CM, GDP

About Chris:

My name is Chris Halkema and I am the Chairman of the 73rd board of Aureus.
My Aureus journey started three years ago. My highlight was the Wintersport to Sauze d’Oulx (still can’t pronounce it), which Aureus organized. After this amazing week I decided to join a committee and I am still very happy with this choice. From February onwards, I was part of the Internal Events Committee. We organized several events for the committee members: boat tour, cocktailworkshop, drinks (some I remember) and the final party of the year in a skybar.

In my second year I was the Marketing Officer of the European Study Trip. Together with a fun team we fully prepared for a trip to Budapest! Unfortunately we had to cancel the trip due to COVID-19. When my exchange also got canceled I decided to continue my journey in Aureus and applied for the Graduates Development Program. As Chairman I was responsible for the overall coordination of the project, supporting my fellow committee members and other organizational tasks. During this year I found out that this function really suits me.
Since I wasn’t ready for a Master and really wanted to extend my student life a little longer, a board year was the perfect choice.

As the Chairman of Aureus, I am responsible for the coordination of the board. Besides, I focus on our strategy, short-term and long-term and I keep in contact with, for example, other study associations and the board of the SBE. Furthermore, I supervise the Graduates Development Program, Master Club & I am a member of the Selection Committee which selects the Aureus Board of 2022-2023.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for a cup of coffee!


[email protected]