Leadership & Change Management


ORMIT develops talented people into future leaders!

You are talented, you know it! You’ve successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way. An exciting career is ahead of you! But than this unavoidable question arises: how and where to start? How are you going to make a difference?

ORMIT: A Management Traineeship with a unique development program

The truth is this: you may indeed be a talented hot-shot, but you’re no leader yet. You don’t even know for sure just where your greatest potential lies, let alone what you should definitely change and improve before you can actually turn your talent into leadership skills. That’s where we come in.

We sometimes claim that we can catapult your career ten years into the future. Our secret? A unique traineeship recipe that is focused on developing your personal leadership.

Contact Details Recruiter

Arlette van Lint [email protected] 06-11322711 www.ormit.nl/for-talents/

Young Talent Group

Mission YTF: To realize dream jobs YTF offers you the chance to not only keep on dreaming. Even if you do not know exactly what that dream job is exactly! # dreambig Whether it is an internship, traineeship, (additional) job or starter job, we make the perfect match with organizations. Through our FREE coaching, workshops and tests, you will explore your opportunies on the job market togehther with our talent coaches!
* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the type of master students the company is looking for.