Do I need a photo on my resume?

In the U.S. and UK in particular there is a strong aversion to including photos in resumes. The general belief is that photos should ordinarily not be included in a resume as it will bring a focus on protected characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity etc., and increase the chance of you being discriminated against in the short-listing process. In the Netherlands, a photo is generally seen as a useful addition to a resume. Yet this does not apply to any resume. It strongly depends on both the quality of the picture, the purpose of the resume (of you!) and the preferences of the employer and the individual itself. If you choose to put a picture on your resume, make sure that it’s a good picture. A good photo is one that, of course, primarily fits you, but also the corporate culture and image of the employer you’re applying to! When in doubt, dress up a little bit more formal than usual and do not forget to smile!