How to rock your job application?

Whether it’s right now or a few years from now, at some point you are going to have to look and apply for a job. Although there are so many jobs out there, finding the right one is always difficult. Even after you have found it, you won’t always get hired. In order to become a bit more familiar with job applications and how to deal with them, here are some tips and tricks. 

Know what you want

It’s hard to apply for a job that fits you if you don’t know what you want. Write down your strengths and activities you like to do, and figure out if that relates to any possible job titles you could think of. Once you’ve found a job that really fits you, apply for that specific job, not just for any job at the company you’d like to work for. This way you’re sure you’re getting what you want. The list of strengths might even be useful later on at the interview when you have to convince your future boss how well those skills will increase your value at the specific job.

Make sure you do some research first

Before applying for a job you should do some research on the job you’re applying for. What do you know about the company? Do you have any knowledge of the industry you would like to enter? Do you have to do an e-assessment beforehand?  It’s great if you find a job and work environment you’d feel comfortable with, but also keep in mind the employer will look if you’re a compatible match. Don’t just apply anywhere before seriously weighing your options.

Present yourself the right way

After you’ve researched the job and company, applied for the job, sent your resume, wrote a motivation letter, and nailed your e-assessment, you’ll hopefully be invited for a job interview so your future boss can meet you in person. First of all, make sure you pick the appropriate outfit for the interview. Learn your resume by heart so you won’t get confused when it’s referred to. Practice what you will answer to the most common interview questions to prevent awkward silences or uncertainty. During the interview, pay attention to the interviewer, ask questions and get the interview etiquette right. Be confident and original!

Good luck getting that job you’ve always wanted! Hopefully, this will give you a taste of what to expect when you’re in the process of applying. Follow these tips and you will do amazing! Do you want to discover your career opportunities and get to know more about the application procedure of companies? Visit our career platform here.